A "super" weekend!!

Well, sort of....... Them Steelers didn't pull it off!   But, other than that, it was all good.

Yesterday morning we started out the day decked out in our Steeler garb to cheer on the team.  Kallie was confused, she kept asking us "Why are you wearing that?  (For the game dear!)  But they don't even see you!"   And Christina looked at us and asked "Are we going to the game?  Oh, yeah, they are probably sold out."  Yeah, maybe.  LOL!

But before the game, I decided to [bribe] my kids into a quick winter photo shoot.  I haven't gotten a lot of outdoor photos lately, and I miss it!  Winter is actually a great time for photos.  If you can brave the cold, the snow makes a great reflector so the lighting can be just perfect.  And if you think everything is just drab, then find some evergreens!  The greenery can look just stunning against the white snow.   So I packed up my munchkins and drove to a local park for a quick shoot!

Our session lasted about 15 minutes.  There was still some complaining.  And it was hard to navigate through the ice and snow.  But I got a few cute shots!

I also did advise my "models" that I will pay for their help.   When I got home I gave Kallie a dollar.  I didn't think that was bad payment for a girl who never keeps track of her money and, to be honest, probably doesn't even have any left.  But she looked at it blankly, said "that's it?".  She then handed it back and demanded MORE dollars.  It is interesting that she is already requesting pay raises when she still has no real concept of the value of money and she often asks me "Mom, do you have 5 dollars?  Do you have 20 dollars?  Do you have 80 dollars?  WOW!"

I owe Christina not only model money, but overdue allowance, so her payment is still coming.    Not sure if she will balk at my compensation or not.  I think she is angling for payment in the form of goods - like a new Wii game or an American girl outfit....

I think I need to find new help around here......these munchkins are getting difficult.