Better late than never - jumping into a hue and texture project!

I have known about this project since it started late last year.  The very talented Marta Locklear started a "Hue and Texture Project" where she gives weekly assignment for photos.  She tells you what the color and the texture is for the week, and you find and photograph your interpretation. Marta is doing this as a macro project.  I know you don't HAVE to have a macro to join in, but I really felt that approaching the project from a macro perspective really makes you hunt and look so much more carefully at the world around you.  Which is especially fun when everything around you appears so brown and uninteresting.  So I didn't jump in at first and decided if/when I got a macro lens, I would definitely participate.

Well, this week I finally added a macro lens to my bag!!!!  (The Tokina 100 2.8 if anyone is interested.)  So excited to use it for newborn and wedding details!!!!

Anyway, I also decided that I would play catch-up and join in Marta's project!  I am [only] 9 weeks behind, but we had a fairly uneventful weekend which ended up being the perfect opportunity for hunting around the outside and inside of my house looking for interesting examples of the various colors and textures.

I am so loving this project.  It is very different than other projects that I have participated.  Instead of just taking a photo a day, or a photo a week, I am looking for colors and hues and textures.   I am learning to look beyond what I usually see.  And I am challenging myself to look for interesting and often beautiful things that lie  right outside my door, right under my nose and right in my daily life.

I think that all photographers - professional or hobbyists - will always benefit from projects that expand your mind, stimulate your creativity and broaden your horizons.

So, here I am, jumping in at week # 9!

Week #1:  Color - Brown, Texture - Any:

Color - brown, texture - anyWeek 1 - Brown and any texture

Week #2: Color - purple, Texture - any

color - purple, texture - anycolor - purple, texture - any

Week #3: Color - silver, Texture - shiny

Color - silver, texture - shinycolor - silver, texture - shiny

Week #4: Color - show your holiday colors

Well, this assignment was originally given during Christmas week. So instead of faking some holiday colors, or pulling out my decorations again, I am just going to take a pass on week 4.

Week #5: Color - buff, Texture - soft

Color - buff, texture - softColor - buff, texture - soft

Week #6: Color - green, Texture - piney

color - green, texture - pineyWeek 2 - green and piney

Week #7: Color - blue, Texture - nubby

blue - texture - nubbyBlue - texture - nubby

Week #8: Color - yellow, Texture - any

 mce_href=Color - yellow, texture - anyColor - yellow, texture - any

Week #9: Color - gray, Texture - wood

Color - gray, texture - woodColor - gray, texture - wood

Phew - there ya go!!!!   I am officially participating in the project and am so excited to continue to explore my little world.  Anyone want to join me?????