Meet Jasmine! Class of 2011 | Oil City, Pennsylvania Senior Photographer

. Jasmine was one of my late summer senior shoots.  We met one absolutely PERFECT August morning.  I met Jasmine and her mom at Two Mile Run County Park.  Two Mile is a great park where I have had quite a few shoots.  I really like that there is a mix of grassy areas, wooded areas, bridges, docks, big rocks and, of course, the lake!

When I was driving in to the park, I noticed one wooded, dirt road was gloriously filled with morning sunrays.  I knew that scene was going to be very short lived, so we hurried and quickly got just a few shots on that road before the sunrays disappeared.  We then spent some time around the lake on all the various docks and bridges.  It was warm and beautiful.

Early morning, while often not everyone's favorite time of day, definitely can be absolutely gorgeous and a perfect time for a photo session.   On the morning we met, the light was perfect, the colors were rich and the backdrops were stunning.

I really enjoyed my morning with Jasmine and her mom.  She was so sweet, so fun and, as you can see, just beautiful!  She made my job oh-so-easy!!


Thank you so much for choosing me as your senior photographer!!  It was an honor.  And I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!!