Meet Shana! Class of 2011 | Erie, Pennsylvania Senior Photography

. I met Shana WAAAYYYY back in last summer for her senior photo session.  I actually thought was in September, but looking back, it was August!  Yikes I am even more behind than I thought!

Anyway - Shana and I went back and forth about locations.  She is an Oil City senior, so I suggested the usual local parks and urban locations.  However, I also threw into the mix that I would love to do a session on the beaches of Presque Isle State Park up in Erie.  I am actually in Erie quite frequently as that is my hometown and all my family lives there.  And I spent many many days basking in the sun on those beaches so it is definitely one of my favorite places.  So, when Shana thought the beach was a great idea I was just thrilled!!!

I met Shana and her mom in the late afternoon.  I scouted out a bunch of locations throughout Presque Isle so we had lots of options - from the bayfront, to the monument, to a dock, to - of course - the beach!

The weather was a bit iffy and we even had some drizzling rain, but the colors and the backdrops were just stunning.  Shana was sweet and beautiful and I really enjoyed meeting her and her mom.

So, onto the photos!!!!


And this is definitely the artist's fave!!!  This perfect piece of driftwood was just sitting there waiting for us.  I wanted to just take it home so I can use it again and again.   I just loved it!!!!!  Too back I was driving a tiny Civic.


Thank you all so much!!!   Thank you for traveling to Erie and being such great sports in spite of the weather.   I wish great success in all you do!!

And I would love an opportunity for more "beach inspired" shoots this year!!! (HINT HINT!!!)   Anyone??

Until next time!!!!