Baby D is one!!! | Franklin, Pennsylvania Child Photographer

Yes, I still have sessions from the fall to blog, but I had to sneak Baby D in sooner rather than later.  This little cutie-patooti is near and dear to our hearts as he is my nephew!  And his cousins - my girls - absolutely adore him.  He is one lucky little boy as he has a plethora of family that adores him.

Anyway, since he is part of the family, I get to claim all rights for photographic milestones!!  Whoo HOO!!  So far, I have been able to get newborn pictures, six month pictures, and now [believe it or not] the munchkin is ONE!

Since Baby D's birthday is in late December, getting nice outdoor photos is usually not that easy.  I brought along my seamless paper so we could have a mix of backdrops since most of our shooting would be indoors.  And, although it was a bit cold and snowy, it was a beautiful day, so we even got outdoors for a bit!

With kids that are mobile, yet still very young, I like to bring lots of props/toys etc. to help keep the little piglets interested (and still) for long enough to snap a few pictures.  On this day we used bubbles, balloons, toys, books, a sled, a dog and even [to celebrate the birthday] some cake!  And, believe me, we needed it all!  He is such a sweet, happy and oh-so-active little boy!!!!


Thanks guys!!!!  See you soon!!!