Early evening light...

We live on the edge of the woods.  Most of the woods, right now, are just brown and bare.  However, there is one little spot, smack dab in the middle, that always is the first place filled with early spring flowers - snowdrops, crocuses, daffodils and more.  And, every year, I try to get out and dig up some the bulbs to add to my [sparse] garden collection. Last night, it was a gorgeous (but cold) evening and I decided to take the girls for a walk to check out the flowers.   Our little sunny spot in the woods is next to a natural spring.  It was filled with sunkissed snowdrops.  And, it was so absolutely beautiful.

Only the snowdrops are in bloom right now.  So I will have to make another trek out in a week or so to see see what else I can dig up.  I just love this little spot in the woods.  And I think I may have to drag my kids out there for a more "formal" evening photo shoot soon too.