Meet Danielle! Class of 2011 | Oil City, Pennsylvania Senior Photographer

. I am SO excited to finally blog this senior session!  This was most definitely, one of my most favorite sessions EVER.  And there are many reasons why....

1.  I have known Danielle and her family fairly well for a number of years as they are friends of the family.  I have always enjoyed them, they are sweet and fun and just genuinely good people.  So I knew for sure that, more than anything, this session would be FUN.  (It was.)

2.  I talked to Danielle's mom a few times prior to session and we did a fairly comprehensive session consultation.  We discussed timing the session for the best light,  the [many] locations as well as the outfit options.  It is really amazing how session photos can go from just beautiful, to downright gorgeous with some pre-session planning.

I advised Danielle's mom that it is [obviously] important to choose flattering clothing that show off Danielle's style and complements her coloring.  But, if  you can also choose outfits that complement the location and pull colors from the backdrops, it can really add something special to the final images.

And you will definitely see they did  an amazing job of doing just that.  Each outfit was carefully selected based on which location we would be shooting at.  She had shades of green to pull in the green from the ivy wall.  She had creams and soft greens to complement the fall colors at the park.  She had bright blues and funky clothes to mesh with the graffiti walls.  And she had deep reds and dark grays to really rock the rusted train tressle!!!

3.  Danielle is a dancer.  She has been dancing almost her whole life.  And hip-hop dancing is definitely her favorite.   So we planned to visit a local spot with walls covered in bright graffiti.  Obviously, this was a perfect location for a hip-hop theme.  We even took the photos to the next level by having Danielle show off some of her dance moves.  And you can't dance without any music, so we opened the car doors and rocked out the neighborhood!  (Let's just hope the neighbors haven't banned me from using that location again!!!)

4.  Oh, I must add not only was Danielle's choice of clothing just perfect, but the shoes!!!  Oh, the shoes!!!!!  I always emphasize to clients how paying attention to all details is what really really adds  "umph" to a shot!  So, adding cool scarfs, beautiful jewelry and amazing shoes is really important!  And Danielle's did just that.  I especially loved her cool boots and funky hip-hop shoes.  Oh, and the sexy heels were just oh-so-amazing!!!!  And everything was just oh-so-perfect for the session.

But enough chatter from me.....let's see that gorgeous Danielle - or, as she calls herself - Dani Chey!!!!


And the following photo is probably the artist "fave"!!!!  (Although it was extremely hard to choose.).  But I love this location, I love the colors, I love the pose...and the shoes!!!   Swoon!!!!


Thank you all so very much!!!!  I honestly had a such a wonderful time working with you all.  And Danielle, I wish you all the best in all you do!!!!!!!