Meet Melissa! Class of 2011 | Oil City, Pennsylvania Senior Photographer

. The first thing I need say about this session is this - Melissa deserves the award for the absolute BEST sport at a session!

Why you ask?  Well, October can be an oh-so-beautiful time of year for photos.  And, it can also be quite miserable.  And Melissa's session was probably the most miserable, weather-wise, of any session I ever did.

Melissa is a senior at Hermitage High School, about an hour away from me.  She had loved some "urban" senior photos I had taken of a friend of hers, so she really wanted to come to Oil City and to take advantage of some of the run down urban areas we [sadly] have.

As the day of the session approached, the weather forecast looked foreboding.  They were predicting about 42 degrees and rain.  Melissa's mom and I chatted via email quite a few times about the weather and they decided they would rather take a chance, and hope for the best.

On the day of the session, I spent a lot of time studying the radar map and it just appeared to be one big mass of dark green stuff (rain).  I may not be a meteorologist, but it just didn't look good.  However, Melissa and her mom still wanted to take a chance and I was more than willing to go for it!

Well, unfortunately, that green "stuff" (rain) never stopped.  But, fortunately, it was more of a drizzle than an all-out downpour.  And, fortunately, my camera is weather sealed, so it was all good!

I really had a great time with Melissa and her mom.  We made the best of the situation by trying to stand closer to the buildings, under the overhangs, and even in an old parking garage!  And by the end of the session, we actually had a few moments of dry time!

In spite of the less than ideal weather, the photos were still beautiful.  In fact, I think the wet weather really brought out the colors and textures in the locations!!!


Melissa was also interested in creating a 12x12 storyboard of her photos.  I put together a few options, and the following photo was their final choice.

Interestingly, Melissa's mom just happened to have an umbrella in her car that included Melissa's school colors.  I don't really like using props that are completely incongruent  (like using an umbrella on a sunny day), but this umbrella was a perfectly appropriate (and much appreciated) accessory!!!  And the colors looked great!


Thank you both so much!!  It was so much fun working with you and I really enjoyed your willingness to make the best of the situation.

In other news - if you are interested taking advantage of my "Mommy and Me - Spring Mini Sessions" contact me soon!!!