Mommy and Me Spring Mini Sessions! | Oil City, Pennsylvania Family Photographer

. **** 5.10.11 update:  I had such a wonderful time during my Mommy and Me sessions that I am extending this offer for a limited time.   The sessions will be held at Hasson Park, but will be scheduled individually.

If you are interested in scheduling a session with your kiddos (or maybe still looking for a belated Mother's Day gift for that special mom (or wife) in your life?) - then please contact me soon!

I have been thinking about doing some type of spring mini session for a while.  But, to be honest, the typical spring/Easter sessions with bunnies and chicks are just not my style.  I much prefer natural surroundings, beautiful moments and honest smiles.

So, as I hemmed and hawed over what I should do, I read, yet another, article about how important it is for YOU (as a parent, grandparent) to get in more photos with your children (and grandchildren).   So many moms don't want to be in photos because they aren't thrilled with the way [they think] they look.  They think they need to lose weight, get in shape, change their hair.  Or they claim "I take horrible photos!".

What we neglect to take into consideration is that our kids love us completely unconditionally.  And when we are gone, our children and grandchildren are going to treasure those photos.  Yes, they will also love the photos of themselves as they were children, but don't we all just love seeing photos of ourselves as kids (or even adults) WITH our parents???  And do we look at those photos and think, I wish mom wasn't in the photo because she needed to lose weight?  Absolutely NOT.

So, in honor of Mother's Day, and in an effort to encourage ALL moms (or grandmothers) to stop worrying about whether they look good in photos and to get in front of the camera  - I am offering "Mommy and Me Mini Sessions!"

I really would be honored for an opportunity to capture some cherished moments with your family, FOR your family.   Trust me, they will thank you.

mini session

Sessions will start at 9:00 A.M.  I will plan on Sunday, May 1st for a rain date.  And, if that doesn't work, I will be rescheduling for the following weekend.    Payment is required to reserve your session and is non-refundable.  If we have to cancel, I will work with all families to reschedule.  A complete price list is available upon request.

And, to show you just how sweet those "Mommy and Me" moments can be....

Me and one of my own munchkins - sweet Caroline. I am not good at practicing what I preach so I am in only a handful of [my thousands of] photos.  Largely because no one else really knows how to use my camera.  But I used my self timer one evening and I love this photo.  I even blew it up big and put it on my wall. All my kids just LOVE this picture.  Although my oldest said "you look so young in that photo".  And I am not sure if that means I usually look old....hmmmmm.


And a couple photos from past sessions:


Please contact me to reserve your session!!!!