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I have been very neglectful (is that a word?) in getting and showcasing product photos.  And it is something I am really hoping to do a lot more of in the future. The first product I want to show is an album I designed for Bethany and Jeffrey.

I absolutely love when clients order an album.   A wedding is something that often happens only once in a lifetime.  So much time and energy is spent deciding on the dresses, colors, tuxedos, flowers, location, food, cake and all other details.  It seems almost sad to only hand the couple a small disc of digital memories when it is all over. I know clients will (hopefully) print out lots of their favorites, but I think an album is one of the most gorgeous ways to preserve your memories of this day for generations to come.

I love leather, flushmount albums. They are just breathtaking...but they are also a bit expensive. And not everyone has the luxury to be able to afford this high end product. I do offer high end, leather flushmount albums, but I also offer linen albums for a lower cost alternative. The only problem has been, I have not been thrilled with my previous linen album suppliers. Even though linen albums are often considered more "economical", I just hate for any of my products to actually look like they are "economical".

So, when I found this album supplier, who not only has gorgeous high end albums, but also offers an amazingly impressive lower end album! I was pretty stoked!  I recently ordered one of these albums and actually spent time getting some product shots before delivering them to the client.  And I am so excited to share!  I thought it was just beautiful!!!!

All albums come in this beautiful fabric case:

Kiss linen albumsKiss linen albums

The pages aren't as thick as the leather option, but they definitely are not flimsy!

Kiss linen albumsKiss linen albums

And both the leather and the linen options are lay-flat with no gutter.  A BIG selling point for me as many linen albums also have a gutter down the center which cuts a small portion of the photo out.  And I hate losing any part of the images to the gutter or the binding.  I also thought the colors and the quality of the images were just spectacular!!!!

Kiss linen albumsalbum6

I really wish I had one of these of my own wedding.......but what can I do 12 years later?

Anyway....I also got [finally] took some photos of a lot of my product samples and will be sharing them soon!!!!  Stay tuned!!!!!