Baby "L" - a mentoring session | Oil City, Pennsylvania Newborn Photographer

. One of my mantras has always been - Never stop learning.  I'd love to be 80 years old sitting in a college classroom just for the fun of it.  And afterward going for 3 mile run.  Yup, THAT would be cool.

Last week I had the opportunity to spend a good part of the day with Emily from Emily Ann Photography.  Emily is a very talented photographer and was so kind to allow me to join her on a session and help me learn more about newborn posing and lighting.

Baby L was just so oh-so-sweet.  I just can't get enough newborns.  I love everything about them.  Newborn sessions, to be done right, can take quite a while.  And we spent almost 5 hours with this little cutie pie!

Here are some of my photos from the session!


Thank you Emily so much for this opportunity!!!  You can see Emily's photos from this session HERE.