Color and Light

I have been spending some time on Pinterest lately.....yes, yet another website to suck more time out of my day!  But I love it.   It is a way to collect photos of everything and anything you like, you find inspirational, you want to remember, or just what you would love to have. I love using the site for photographical inspiration.  Not only do I "pin" photos of favorite poses, but I love "pining" favorite colors and color combinations.  Or just a photo with beautiful lighting.  It is just a great way to get inspired, share inspiration, and just, waste some time.

A few days ago I started yet another photography project - A Photo A Day!  I am only on day 3, but I am really excited about this.  I completed a successful Project 365 in 2009.  And I started one (and abandoned it) in 2010.

I really want to use this project to not just get a photo day, but to look for beautiful colors and beautiful lighting.

And a couple photos from my project so far.  First, my eldest with some beautiful side lighting.  I love the catchlights, the shadows and the soft light accentuating her chin line.

And as the sun peaked out late last evening, I just loved the beautiful palette of warm neutrals of the weed against the sunset.

I'd love to say I am making this entire project a study of color and light, but that seems a bit daunting right now.  Just getting a photo a day is sometimes hard.  But I will definitely will try look for colors and light as much as possible.