Spring has sprung!!!

Wow, now THAT was a wild spring so far!  Complete with snow, constant rain, very cold temps and very few signs of spring.  I try not to complain about the weather much.  I mean, what can you do about it?  And my thought is, if that is my only complaint, then things are pretty damn alright. But I still have to say I am so ready for warmer weather, spring flowers, lots of greenery and plenty of time outdoors!!!!

I have been a bit busy lately.  Easter is HUGE for us Russian Orthodox folks.  And then my oldest came down with stomach flu on Easter morning which put a real damper on our all-day festivities.  But she is on the mend.  And now  I can take a breather and get back to getting caught up (yet again).

And, FINALLY, spring sprung this week!  In fact, it actually has been almost summer-like, which is quite surprising.  I have been out and about with my kids and my camera and just having a great time.  And little by little, I will get more sessions blogged and more of my "to-do" list completed.

But for now, I will have to leave you with just some beautiful spring photos.  I am so happy to have a macro lens this spring, and that, along with my wonderful 50 1.4, is all I need to  capture all the signs of spring!!!  And, there is nothing like amazing catch lights courtesy of  mother nature!  Absolutely LOVE it.

beesmilesDay 13mapleoakDay 15kal1cherry blossontina

Until next time!!!!!