It's Senior Portrait Season!!!!

I am so excited we are starting another season of senior portraits!  Seniors are one my absolutely favorite type of sessions.   They are so fun and unique.  And it is such an exciting time in their lives - on the verge of adulthood and eager to start chasing their dreams.


I love capturing a senior's unique personality and interests.   I shoot on-location, and have done shoots all throughout the area (and beyond!).  However, I am also eager to try new locations and ideas.  I am always thrilled when I senior wants to shoot somewhere I never shot before:


Or wants to incorporate one of their favorite hobbies!

Because all seniors are so different, I offer a few different types of senior sessions.

Standard Senior Sessions


This is my most popular session.  The standard session is a 1 - 3 hour on location session.  You can choose a few different locations and multiple outfit changes.   I choose and edit the best images of the session and upload them to a password protected gallery where you can view and share the photos and order your prints and other products.

Standard sessions are just so much fun.  It always takes a little while for the senior to get comfortable being the center of attention and to start feeling less awkward and more like America's Next Top Model.   By being very generous in the amount of time I spend during the portrait session, I find that once the awkwardness passes, and the senior relaxes, that is when the truly amazing images happen!   And I have often been told, at the end of the session  - "That was SO much fun!!!".

BFF Senior Session


BFF sessions are, like my standard session, a 1 - 3 hour on-location session that can include a few different locations and multiple outfit changes.  However, A BFF session is a session that you share with, obviously, your BFF!  I have done these sessions with best friends and even a few twins!  And we always have a blast!

Each senior takes turns getting their individual portraits.  I will also take some photos together.  But the main purpose of the BFF session is to allow the seniors to enjoy their senior session with their best friend.  And I find that BFF sessions are just a bit more relaxed!

Each senior gets their own individual, password protected gallery of images.  Since it is a shared session, each senior's gallery has a few less images to choose from, but I find that, for most, it is still more than enough!

Simple Senior Session


Lastly, I offer a "simple" senior session.   This is a great and economical session for a senior who may just not be interested in a full session.  A simple session is a 30 minute session that must be conducted within the zip code 16301.   But if you are a senior who lives outside the area, you are welcome to travel in!  There are a whole host of location options within this area that I am sure will meet any senior's needs!

The senior gets an online, password protected gallery, of about 10 - 15 images to choose from.   Just enough to choose your yearbook image and give mom a few portraits to display!

I am so looking forward to meeting all the 2012 seniors!!!!  And please CONTACT ME with any questions or to schedule your senior session!!!!

Until next time!!!!