Meet Emily - Class of 2011 | Oil City, Pennsylvania Senior Photographer

. I am gearing up for yet another wonderful senior season!  I have been booking some very interesting and exciting sessions for this summer and fall and am so excited!!!  this is going to another great year!

I am also planning on keeping my schedule a little less hectic this year, as I took on a little too much last year got a bit overwhelmed.  As much as I love photography, I love my family a bit more and I hate to be so busy that I miss out on too much.

So, if you are interested in scheduling a session, especially this fall, please contact me soon!!!!

Anyway - Emily is (yet another) senior from last fall that I haven't blogged yet!   Although, you may have seen some of Emily's pictures on my site already as she was one of my favorite senior sessions!

We started Emily's session at her home. She and her mom were a little skeptical as to whether they had any "picture worthy" areas around her home.  I, however, wasn't worried at all.  One thing I have learned over the last few years is that finding the right light is pretty much all you need for gorgeous photos.  It honestly doesn't matter what is in the background and whether you have acres of gorgeous vistas.  Some places you think may be the least picturesque, can, in fact, be absolutely stunning!

Now Emily's home is actually extremely picturesque and filled with beautiful backdrops.  And that, coupled with absolutely gorgeous late afternoon sunlight and a beautiful girl,  made for a wonderful session!  And it also definitely helped that Emily and her family were just extremely nice, down to earth, and oh-so-much-fun to work with!!!  I truly enjoyed myself!!!

We spent a good amount of time shooting all around the home and then we traveled to a local park and finished the session with some amazing, warm evening sunlit photos!  Beautiful!!!!


Thank you all for such a wonderful session!  I wish you all the best!!!!!