2011 Vacation - the family photo shoot!

As I mentioned in my vacation recap, I dragged my [kicking and screaming] family to the beach, in nicer clothes, on the last evening of our stay.   As painful as it was to coordinate this 10 minute shoot, I also knew, in the end, it would be worth it. And it was.

It was an absolutely gorgeous evening,  slightly cloudy, and beautiful, warm, diffused sunlight.

I wish I lived closer to the ocean, I absolutely LOVE  beach photo shoots and often get a bit jealous when I see one of my favorite [coast dwelling] photographers like Tara Whitney or Patti Schmidt posting yet another beach inspired session.

I guess we do have Lake Erie, and yes, that can be beautiful too, but there is nothing quite like the warm, smooth, sandy beaches of the ocean.

I love almost all of these photos - except probably the one I am actually in.   I definitely would love to change the crazy hair and squinty eyes, but I am taking my own advice.  As hard as it is, I am trying to get in front of the camera more so my kiddos can actually see photos of me and remember our vacation in the years to come.

Now my next problem - which one to print - BIG???  I am planning on ordering a large canvas of one of these photos and just can't decide.  I probably won't use the photo of me (I can print that a bit smaller).  But maybe one of the two kiddos?  Any input????

hhishoot4 hhishoot3hhishoot2hhishoot6hhishoot7hhishoot1hhishoothhishoot5

Until next time!!!!