July happenings!!!

Oh my!  It is already the end of July! Only a few short weeks and everyone will be back in school.   It has been a wonderful summer so far, and we have oh-so-much planned for the next few weeks.  In between lots of senior shoots, we also have plans for trips to Waldameer, camping at in Elk country,  trips to stay with grandparents and cousins, and maybe some more days on the beach or in the canoe.  We want to make sure we don't look back with any regrets.  Of course, that should always be our mantra - live life with no regrets.  Right?

Since I haven't been blogging much, I thought I would just do a summary of our month of July.  And what a HOT month it was.  Crazy, huh?

We started the month finishing our beach vacation and then dived right into the rest of summer fun.

We had evenings of fishing at our local lake.

We had a canoe trip!

We had dinners on the (newly) roofed deck!  Probably now one of my favorite spaces ever!!!

And my flowers and veggie garden are just doing wonderfully!!!  I am loving picking beans, lettuce, broccoli and tomatoes almost every night.  In fact, Christina commented that she feels like we live on the The Little House on the Prairie, growing everything we eat.  All I know that there is nothing like just picked veggies.

We had a first swim meet!  And a little girl of mine who absolutely REFUSED to swim once she got there.  Luckily, a dear teammate promised to race with her and my first timer actually won.  Ok, well, maybe I am using the term "won" a bit loosely, but she finished and declared "Let's do that again!".   Tomorrow is meet #2 so we will see if the enthusiasm continues.

And of course, it isn't summer without lots of backyard swimming.....

With family and friends!!!

And evenings by the fire!

And, of course, there are evenings at the beach!!

But sometimes just the little moments are the ones I cherish the most.  Like watching a little girl delivering mail wearing goggles and a sundress.  And there is also her big sister who is 9 going on 19 and feeling pretty cool in her shades.

Well, that is all for now.  It is getting late and I still have lots more summer to enjoy!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!!  Until next time!!! XOXO!