Product Spotlight - Brag Books!!

I have a whole smorgasbord of products I have been planning to blog about, but you know what they say about the the best laid plans...... So instead of trying to write a post about all my new products, I decided to just showcase one of my new products for 2011 - my new Mini Brag Books!!!

These are adorable, pocket-sized, leather photo books that measure 4x4 and are available in a wide range of colors.  They come in their own individual fabric cases and are sold in pairs!

Brag books are actually just like a mini coffee table book.    My standard books have 20 pages - 10 spreads with no gutter - that can include up to 20 of your favorite images.  I custom design each page in the book and let you review the design before it goes to print.

These books are photographically printed - not press printed books.  May not mean much to you, but just take my word for it , the quality is amazing!!!!

This particular book was for a newborn client.   But they would be great for senior, family or child sessions!

For more information on this or any of my sessions or product - give me ring!!!

Until next time! XOXO!