Meet Nicole - Class of 2012 | Franklin, Pennsylvania Senior Photographer

. I met Nicole on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon at Two Mile Run County Park.  And one of the first things she said to me  was "I don't take very nice pictures".

Well - I definitely beg to disagree!!!

Nicole is, no doubt,  a very beautiful girl who actually takes gorgeous photos.  She did an amazing job in choosing outfits and accessories!  I also just loved that Nicole had her make-up professionally applied prior to the shoot.  I always give my clients a detailed "What to Wear" guide before their session, to help them in deciding what outfits/shoes/accessories work or don't work.  And one tip I suggest is a professional make-up application.   I know it isn't always a feasible option, but if you can, I think it is worth it.  (And, shhhhhh, it is free at our local department store!)  It is amazing how those artists can just make your skin look so flawless and also make your eyes just POP!

Here are a few peeks from Nicole's session.  I think you will agree she is definitely photogenic.  And hopefully I succeeded in changing her mind about that just a bit......

Thank you all so much!!!

Until next time!!! XOXOXO!!!