Product spotlight - High resolution images

One of my favorite things is when I finally receive a client's print order and can see my images in real life.  Yes, I have looked at these images MANY times on my screen, but there is just something different about an actual printed photo in hand. When I started out with my photography business, I just included a CD of images in my session price.  And I always gave my clients suggestions on where to print their images.  Hopefully they took my advice.  Because seriously, getting images printed at a reputable printer (such as MPIX) makes a HUGE difference in the quality of the final product.   Just check out THIS comparison I recently saw on Facebook.  Blech!!!!

However, even though I can make recommendations until I am blue in the face, there are probably still going to be people who choose a Walmart type printer.  Oh well.

The other problem with selling just a CD is that there is a chance the client may never actually get a photo printed!  EEK!!  And if they are anything like me, there is a GOOD chance they will never get a photo printed!  (Just take a peruse of my 10K pics that sit on my hard drive!  I swear, this winter I WILL get caught up!! heh.)

Long story short, to prevent both of these possible problems I changed up my product line this year.  All clients who order a DVD of high resolution images for printing, also receive a full set of 5x7 session images, in a beautiful custom image box!

And I solved both issues!  Now I know the clients can see what the print  *should* look like since they will have a quality, professionally printed copy of each image.  Plus, if they never get around to printing enlargements, they still actually have a set of real-life prints in hand.

One of my clients this summer decided to go with the digital package - I just loved the beautiful image box and matching DVD case!!!!!  Of course it doesn't hurt to have such an adorable subject on the cover!!!  Just take a peek!!!

Beautiful - don't you think???

Until next time!!  XOXO!!