Meet Virginia - Class of 2012 | Franklin, Pennsylvania Senior Photographer

. I met Virginia at one of my favorite session locations - Two Mile Run.  Even though I have done many many sessions there, it always amazes me how completely different each and every session still can be.  It all depends on the time of day, the season, whether it is sunny, cloudy, windy etc etc.

Virginia's session was pretty much ideal.  She is a beautiful girl who was so natural and relaxed in the front of a camera.

In addition - it was almost like we special ordered that afternoon's weather and the big guy delivered!  It was a late afternoon session and the sun was hiding behind some light clouds.   Having this natural "softbox" gave us deep, rich colors and the ability to shoot in a few locations that usually don't work later in the day because the sun is positioned right in the subject's eyes.

Then, about halfway through the session, the sun peeked through!  And there is something about late afternoon sun suddenly streaming through the clouds.  (In fact, I was almost SURE we would see a rainbow.  And wouldn't THAT have been amazing!!?)  However, I won't complain.  The warm sunlight provided the absolute most perfect lighting for our backlit, field shots.

I really enjoyed meeting Virginia and her mom.  They were so nice and so much fun.    I had such a great time and was absolutely thrilled at the photos.  I just LOVE my job!!!!

And now onto some peeks!!!!  Perfect!  Don't you think???

Thank you all so much!!!!

Until next time!  XOXO!