Meet Aurora - Class of 2012! | Oil City, Pennsylvania Senior Photographer

. Yikes.

With the craziness that consumed my late fall and early winter, other than one sneak peek, I never posted any other photos from this senior session!  It definitely wasn't my intention.  So I will not only post some pictures, but also write a blog post!

I met Aurora at McConnell's Mill State Park which is north of Pittsburgh, PA.  I love that area.  I actually used to live just south of the park, in Cranberry PA, WAY back during some of my single days.  In fact, my then-boyfriend (now husband) and I hiked there a few times.  Such a beautiful place!!!

Aurora's session was scheduled toward the end of the senior season, in early November.  As you can imagine, that time of year can be cold, wet and miserable or it could be warm and very fall-like.  We absolutely LUCKED out that Sunday afternoon as the weather was absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!  Although, I do have to say, the downside to perfect fall weather in November is that everyone and their brother think a hike at McConnell's Mill is a great idea!  So it was a bit crowded and sometimes a little overwhelming.  I know I would have a hard time trying to pose for photos with a crowd of people all around me!

But Aurora did an amazing job.  We started out down the creek, away from the crowds, and climbed around on the rocks with the Mill in the background.  We eventually made our way to the Mill and along some of the gorgeous hiking trails.  And ended the session up in a picnic area with some beautiful late afternoon sunlight and a few lingering fall colors.  We even got just a few photos by the covered bridge.  But holy-schmoly, we REALLY had to dodge some traffic and wait for a break in the never-ending flow of people to get that shot!!!

Onto the photos!

Thank you all so much!!!  It was so nice meeting you and your family and I wish you all the best!!!

Until next time!!  XOXO!!!