Happy Friday!!!

I had planned on [finally] posting some more photos from my fall seniors/families etc this week.  But I guess the best laid plans........ don't happen when you have a week of complete lack of motivation!

Why is it that I feel so "blah" in early February?   I guess it is probably a mish-mash of reasons - the holidays are done, spring is still fairly far away, my husband is very busy with coaching, not around a lot, and has a good month left of crazy time.  And here in mom-land, nothing exciting really going on.  And, at least for me, when I have less urgent items, I tend to do...nothing!  HA!  Well, other than daily mom stuff, mindless TV, catching up on my reading, and just feeling sort of slug-like.  HA!

Or maybe I just need to be jumpstarting my winters by scheduling a yearly tropical vacation this time of year.  Yeah baby!

What I do know is that I have a bunch of crazy munchkins at home and even in the dullest of cold February evenings, they still can keep me very amused!  Yes, this was HER idea for a photo opp!


Happy Friday!!!!

Until next time!  XOXO!