Snapshot Saturday!

In light of my recent post in which I stated - I am taking MORE snapshots!!! - I did just THAT today. Today was a swim meet day, not just ANY swim meet day, but a busy and crazy invitational swim meet day.  We were up VERY early.  We had a [just a] few tears.  We had one little munchkin who was NOT happy about jumping in a cold pool at 7:30 in the morning  (can't blame her...).  And, said munchkin, took about 20 minutes into the 15 minute warm-up before she finally got in.....but soon enough everyone was wide awake and ready to go!

I think it was a very good day.  We had a few good swims, nothing record breaking.  But in my book, as long as I have two little girls at the pool and one [difficult] munchkin who actually got IN the pool without [too many] objections or tears, I call that a VERY successful Saturday!

With a dad who is a high school swim coach, swimming is a pretty big deal around these parts.  The girls are young, and still don't have much of a competitive spirit, but they are good sports and I think they are becoming quite the little sports-women!!!!

A few peeks into our morning!  We start it off with a coach who is just happy that his [most difficult] swimming munchkin actually got wet during warm-ups!

Until next time!! XOXO!!!!!