The Simple Things - The Wonders of a Walk

A lot of times when you are a photographer you get caught up on striving for perfection. You always want the perfect light, the perfect expression, the perfect picture. Because of this need for perfection, we as photographers, sometimes forget to take shots of the every day. To help us remember these important shots of real life, a group of photographers that I am involved with have decided to start a little blog series called "The Simple Things." Each month we will shoot one of those simple moments in our lives that we have been neglecting with our cameras. At the end of the month we will make a blog post and share our stories. At the bottom of the post we will share a link to another photographer in the group so you can read her story. This last month has been just crazy.  And not crazy in a good way.  Crazy in a very scary way.   Crazy in a way that grounds you and gives you a serious wake up call as to what is really important in this life.

My family has been struggling with the fear and stress of a sick family member, my dad .  For the last four weeks, we have been distraught, terrified, hopeful, annoyed, angry, elated, exhausted and every other emotion in between.  It has definitely been one of the hardest things my family has ever gone through.  And it isn't over.  Although, for now, we are very hopeful.

We had yet another scare last Friday which resulted in an emergency trip back to the hospital.  And I spent another night away with my mom and away from my own family.  When I returned Saturday afternoon, I was tired but really in need of some serious family time.  I felt like lying on the couch for the day, but I know my husband had wanted to take the girls for walk in the woods to see a huge beaver dam.  So I suggested, in spite of my lack of motivation, that maybe that walk would do us good.

We headed out.  It was cool and cloudy.  And I do have one huge disclaimer......we were dressed for comfort and NOT at all for a photo shoot.  In fact, I don't think my girls could have chosen a more bizarre set of clothing if they had actually tried.  LOL!

But did that matter.  No.

After a bit of hike through the woods, we found a clearing filled with flowers.  It was just gorgeous!

OK.  Maybe it is technically a field of "weeds".  But I thought it was quite beautiful and will be a wonderful setting for a mini shoot!   (Must keep in mind!!0

And we eventually made our way to the home of the dam.  Yup, a huge swamp in the middle of a field.   You may not find it very beautiful.  But actually, it is quite interesting...

My husband played his role as teacher showing the girls all the signs in the woods of the deer and the beavers and they hung on every word.  These two are definitely two "Daddy's girls".

And when they say busy as a beaver, holy cow are they right!  Those critters must never stop!  My girls were amazed at the beaver's home and swore there was a little chimney on top.  They had hoped for a glimpse at the owner, but no luck.

I was just amazed at the amount of damage those suckers do!

And damn, what a serious dam they build!!!

After trekking through the mud, we headed through some apple trees where I found a few blossoms (and the husband found a great place for his tree stand).

And we eventually made our way home.

And even though I originally had really no desire to do anything that day but sit on the couch, our little walk in the woods ended up being the exact thing I needed most.  We returned rejuvenated, re-energized and just plain ole happy to be together.

And we don't need much more than that.  Do we?

Next visit Laura!!