Paxton is ONE!!!!!

Earlier this summer I had the pleasure of photographing one adorable little one year old boy - sweet Paxton!!! Paxton and I have spent some time together before when I did his newborn photos last year.   He made my job very easy last year as he was a very easy going newborn. This year he is one year older and one year wiser.....and he is a LOT more wary of strange photographers.  But that is OK and that is expected.  I love little ones - they are so honest and so real.

We met at a local park in Greenville, PA.  It was a hot but beautiful evening.  We ended the session with a good ole fashioned cake smash that the little guy was NOT too sure about.  But he was still oh-so-cute.  And, in spite of his trepidation about the cake and the frosting, we still managed a few adorable and messy shots.

I had such a great time working with Paxton and his family.  I love repeat clients and get so excited to watch their little one's grow!!!!

But let's get onto the photos....and check out those amazing blue eyes!!!  YOWZA!!!!!!

Thank you all so much!!!!!

Until next time!!!!