Beach Vacation 2012!

So summer is somewhat "officially" over.  And I have been horrible at actually going through all my OWN summer photos!  We have done a LOT this summer and there is so much I want to share. But I will start with some photos from our big summer vacation at Topsail Island, NC.  It was the first time we visited Topsail as we often travel to Hilton Head Island, SC for beach vacations.  But I have been wanting to go to another beach for a while.  I love Hilton Head, but we have been there a lot and sometimes it is nice to see other vacation spots.

Unfortunate circumstances caused us to have to cancel a Hilton Head trip we had planned for the summer.  So, we decided this was probably a great year to go somewhere else.  And we joined some cousins for a trip to North Carolina.

We had absolutely PERFECT weather.  I mean, it literally was sunny and beautiful every single day.  Just perfect.

It was a relaxing, much needed getaway.  The kids had a blast, we got in lots of sun, lots of fun, lots of relaxing.

I also rented a wide angle lens for the trip.  I rented the Nikon 16-35 F4 from Lens Rentals (LOVE Lens Rentals, and have used them countless times without ever a hitch or problem!!!).

This was a great lens for beach photos!  Although I do have to say, as wonderful and fun as this lens is, it probably isn't the most practical purchase for me.  So I am glad I rented and confirmed that if I want to play, renting is the best option.

I got lots of fun photos in, and, of course, I roped the kiddos into a late evening photo session on the beach.  It was a great week, a great time, and we ended the vacation with a small celebration for one (very special) birthday girl!!!!

Now onto the photos!