Living in the moment - September

I am participating in a new project this year with a group of wonderful photographers!  It is called "Living in the Moment" and is dedicated to remembering all the little details of our daily lives.  The things we often forget [or sometimes miss!]  because we are so focused on all the BIG moments and the BIG details (or is that an oxymoron?).  Anyway, we just often get caught up on the overall "busy-ness"  of our lives to the point where we are missing out on our own lives! This project is focused seemingly mundane or boring things that are happening around you right now.  Things that you may think, now, are so insignificant, but, over time, are often the moments and days that we really miss the most.

This month has been crazy busy.  My kids are all back in school, and adapting to the newness of a new year and a new grade.  My senior and fall family photo sessions have been kicked into high gear.  I have had such a great time working with some wonderful new clients.

I also have been kicking my running program up a notch or two (or three!).  I have been a runner for a long time (like over 20 years!), but over the last couple years, I have been in a RUT.  I run pretty much the same loupe, for the same distance, and doing it the same number of days a week.  Yup, boring at its very best.

But this month I have decided to get back into having more goals with my running - to run in next week's local 5K, and a few more 5 and 10Ks over the next 6 months, and maybe even a 1/2 marathon by next spring (eek!!).  I am running more often.  I am running longer and longer distances.  I am running new loops, more hills and faster paces.  And  I already feel so much stronger and I am loving my runs more than ever.  I have to tell you, there is NOTHING like a long run on a cool fall day.  Bliss.

Since August, I have also been taking at least one photo every day.   Just my way of keeping track of my "moments" and my way to appreciate the every day.  So, for this month's post, I have just included some of my favorite September "moments", just a few peeks into my little world.  Some are just peeks at our daily lives, some are peeks at things we/I have done or seen. But they are all moments I love and hope to never forget.

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Until next time!!!!