Living in the Moment - October

Oh October - you beautiful month - you went WAYYYY too fast!!!!! I am part of monthly blogging project with a group of wonderful photographers who are devoted to living more in the "moment" of life.  We all post once a month, on the last day of the month, and devote the post to how we [tried to] lived in the "moment" during that month.  And this is my October post!

I definitely love October.  The cool temps, amazing fall colors, but I also feel so sad because I don't feel like I can "live in the moment" at all!  Fall is such a popular season for senior and family portraits.  And my busy-ness with my business definitely takes away from my family time.  But the dreary cold days of November are not a favorite for most clients so I have lots of time to get caught up, go back to more mom-time and spend a LOT more time living in the moment.

Luckily, in spite of of the craziness, I did get to embrace a few moments thanks to my "daily photo" project.  I have been taking at least one photo every day since early August.  (Haven't missed a day yet!! ) And that has at least led to a few times where I tear myself away from my computer and join my girls outside to capture some of our of daily life.  Those daily moments that I hate to see pass so soon.

October, first off, included some "BIRTH" days!  Including none other than the day of birth of my eldest munchkin, Ms. Tina Wina.   Eleven years old.  Wow.

And we had tank top/shorty short days where playing in frontyard and backflips in the backyard made it feel like a summer afternoon!

And we had our "annual fall drive" day where 40 degree temps and unrelenting rain made us actually just long for warm bowls of chili, loaves of homemade bread and some cuddle time by the wood stove.

We had some "doing homework outside with my best bud'" days.

Some "finding pockets of light days":

And you can't have an October moment post without some "getting ready for Halloween" days!!!!!

Now normally I would also be including some "trick or treat" days for October....but thanks to Superstorm Sandy, our trick or treating event has been moved to Saturday.  Oh well.

I am really excited for November.  Excited to have time to start getting caught up with 2012 and start planning for 2013.  Excited to hopefully have time to do a more creative "living in the moment" blog post.  I am also planning on devoting my November "photo of the day" project to black and white photography where all of my daily photos will be in BW.  I love BW photography since it focuses only on emotion and light.   And, let's face it, there usually aren't a lot of great "colors" in November anyway.

Well, thanks for stopping by and please continue reading through the circle of blog posts by next visiting the amazing Jude Wood's post HERE!