Living in the Moment - January 2013

Well it is time for another installment of "Living in the Moment"!  This is a project that I am participating in with a group of A-MA-ZING photographers who are working on living more in the "moment" and taking time each month to remember all the little "things" that happen in our lives that, in reality, are truly the most important.  Which minds me of a quote by the character of Irving Feffer in one of my favorite late night movies (Along Came Polly):

"It's not about what happened in the past, or what you think might happen in the future. It's about the ride!"

I truly want to enjoy my ride!  And this month, the ride was just, well, busy!  We started the year celebrating our Russian Orthodox Christmas on January 7th.  And after that, is it pretty much school time and swim time as the husband is busy with his swim team and the girls are busy with theirs!  In between we had a little bit of sick time when my Kallie-Wallie had a touch of the flu.  We also had some time in the snow, some time in the sun, some time keeping warm by the woodstove and just some time being a bit crazy!

This was a wild weather month!  From days that were downright spring-like!  To days that were definitely artic-like!  There were days where the fog was as thick as pea soup!   And there were big snow days.  And days with no snow at all.   We pretty much saw it all.

But let's start with Russian Christmas 2013 - where I actually got INTO a photo thanks to my timer and we and enjoyed some family time and some FEASTING time!!!  And then continue on with the rest of my "motley crew" of January moments!

Well, thank you SO much for stopping by again!!  Now please continue through our circle photographers by visiting Jude!! Believe me, it will be worth your while - she never disappoints!!!!