Meet Alex! Class of 2013 | Franklin, Pennsylvania Senior Photography

. This fall I had an opportunity to take senior portraits for Alex.  And I had such a great time meeting and working with her and her family!  They were so kind and welcoming.  During our session consultation, her mom said that her yard had a lot of great backdrops for the session so she just wanted to start there.  And [I was absolutely thrilled!!!] when her mom also  mentioned that her daughter would also really love to get some photos with her horse.  EEK!   I just LOVE incorporating a senior's personal interests and hobbies into their session!  And horses?  One of my FAVES!!!!!!!

We started Alex's session all around her home, and then continued at the stable.  We then finished the session with at an overgrown field we found on the way.  It was a warm and overcast summer evening, and quite humid, which made it the perfect weather for....BUGS!

Oh my.

The black flies were absolutely atrocious!  I knew it was insanely buggy during the session, but as I started editing the photos, I could really see the true insanity.  Poor Alex!  She was absolutely infested!   I have to say though, she was quite the good sport about the whole thing!  And, thanks to the magic of Photoshop, I was able to erase those pesky bugs [somewhat] easily!

Thank you so much Alex for such a great evening!  It was so nice meeting and working with you all!!!!

Onto the photos!!!