Meet Veronica! Class of 2013!! | Franklin, Pennsylvania Senior Photography

. I met Veronica on a fairly chilly fall afternoon.  But it was really just pure perfection when it came to lighting!  The soft diffused light on that cloudy afternoon was a perfect complement to the beautiful fall colors!   Although everyone loves a warm sun filled afternoon, the lovely light of a bright AND cloudy day gives so many more options for outdoor shooting as you aren't restricted (as much) by the direction of the sun (you still always need to "find the light"!).

We spent the afternoon at Two Mile Run, taking advantage of the beautiful lake, the gorgeous trees and the fields (my personal FAVE!).  Veronica was such a sweet girl, I truly had a great time working with her and meeting her and her dad.

Veronica has been an avid gymnast for most of her life.  And I was excited when she wanted to add incorporate a little of her favorite activity into the session!

Now onto the photos!

Thank you so much!!!