The "H" Family Portraits! | Franklin, Pennsylvania Family Photography

. This fall I had SUCH a pleasure meeting and working with the wonderful "H" family!  We met at Two Mile Run County Park - one of my favorite locations!  The weather was just perfect!  Other than the occasional infestation of black flies (UGH!  Remember bug spray next time!), it was a picture perfect day.

What was even more amazing was how unbelievably sweet and easy going the entire group was.  When you have a large family group, with a whole range of ages from Grandparents to toddlers, you never quite know how the session is going to progress.  But this group was amazing.  The family was amazingly kind and sweet and the kids!!  Oh my!  The kids were happy and sweet and just so EASY!  I truly loved meeting and working with them all!!!

We started the session with a wide range of group photos throughout the park, and ended the session with a big group photo with everyone sporting jerseys from their absolute favorite team - the Pittsburgh Steelers!!!!

Now, onto the photos!

Thank you all SO much!!!!!!  It truly was such an honor to meet and work with you all!!!!!

Until next time!  XOXOXO!