Living in the Moment - February 2013

Another month, another installment of "Living in the Moment"!! This is a monthly project I am working on with a group of pretty awesome photographers.  Each month, we write a blog post documenting some of the "moments" of our past month and then link to each other at the end of our post.  Our goal is simple - don't let the big stuff in life overshadow some of the absolute most important stuff....those little tiny moments we can forget about so quickly.

February was cold and snowy, but MUCH less cold and snowy than a typical February.  Our poor, beloved, snow mobile sat idle the entire month.  And it doesn't appear it will be making an appearance until maybe next season.

The girls and the husband continued to be very busy with their swim season.  The girls finished up their season this month with an out of town swim meet.  It was, overall a good day, with a few snags here and there.  But we had a few best times and returned home tired, but happy that we have a little more free time after school now that practice is over.

My images are truly a mishmash - just a bunch of peeks into our month - some pretty, some goofy, some sweet and some just documenting our lives.

Onto the photos!

I also had a BIG moment this month when I finally became the proud owner for the ultra-amazing 70-200 VRII!  I am in love.  Unfortunately, a whole lot of cold, wet and miserable weather didn't lend this month to being the best time for trying out such a long lens.  But I did get the kiddos out for 10 minutes (yes, my eldest even used her timer to make sure we didn't go over!) so I could do a little test and play with my newest toy!!!

And I will leave you with just a few images from the final swim meet (taken with my SWEET 70-200!!).

And finish up with how we all felt the next morning, after a long and busy day of swimming!

Well, thank you so much for stopping by!!!  Now please stop by and visit Jude and see what amazing images she is sharing this month!!!!

Until next time!!!!