Living in the Moment - March 2013

  It is the end of March...time for another installment of "Living in the Moment"!  If you haven't seen these posts before, this is a project I am working on with a group of wonderful photographers.  Our goal is to remember and cherish all the little moments of our daily lives with a monthly blog post.  You can read all of their posts (and see their AMAZING photography) by following the link at the end of this post.

This March was pretty much filled with lots of snow and lots of eager anticipation for spring!  Unfortunately, Spring peeked out its head and quickly hid away for the rest of the month.  We actually had more snow and probably more "winter weather advisories/storms" this month than we have had all winter long!

The first thing I was SO excited about this month was actually getting all my 2012 photos printed!!!!  I finally ordered my first Blurb book!  One hundred and sixty-two pages of crazy kids, fun times and lots of memories that I never want to forget.

And I will get on my soap box about printing photos.....DO IT NOW!!!!!  Please don't let your memories die on a hard drive!  And honestly?  My kids love looking at photos on the computer, but there is NOTHING like sitting down and looking at physical photos.  Nothing.  Why?  I don't know.  But I have to say, the Blurb book design was easy and fast and I will definitely be doing this every year - if not more often!!

. franklin-pennylvania-senior-photography_0543

The kiddos had a week off mid-March.  We had some sun, and a little bit of warmth so we did get outside for some fun.

franklin-pennylvania-senior-photography_0529 franklin-pennylvania-senior-photography_0530franklin-pennylvania-senior-photography_0533franklin-pennylvania-senior-photography_0534

We even had a few days where it was almost "spring-like" and the girls were outside enjoying every minute!


But, we had a LOT of days waking up to this scene!  While beautiful, it is really appreciated a bit more around the holidays than when would rather see some spring flowers!


But really we should just make the most of the never-ending days of winter.  I often feel that if your biggest complaint is about the weather, then you must have it pretty good. And I hate to complain about something so insignificant as the weather - for fear that the big guy upstairs may give me something to REALLY complain about.  And, seriously, how beautiful are these icicles with some late afternoon sun backlighting them!?

franklin-pennylvania-senior-photography_0532moment1 moment2

So since we didn't get out as much as we hoped, we spent a lot of time just being inside by the fire.  Not really a bad place to be!


franklin-pennylvania-senior-photography_0535 franklin-pennylvania-senior-photography_0538

We didn't celebrate Easter this month because we celebrate Russian Orthodox Easter (May 5th this year).  But we definitely enjoyed the "Easter" vacation - complete with some time with family and enjoying our lone sunny day!

franklin-pennylvania-senior-photography_0541franklin-pennylvania-senior-photography_0539 franklin-pennylvania-senior-photography_0540

Thank you so much for stopping by!!  Now please continue through the entire circle of photographers by visiting the lovely Jude!!

Until next time!!