Meet Lexi! Class of 2013 | Oil City, Pennsylvania Senior Photography

As I promised...I introduce you to Lexi!  Lexi and her friend Rachel took advantage of my BFF senior sessions.   These sessions are always so much fun.  Everything is always easier and more fun when you have a great friend to share it!  And everyone is usually a bit more goofy and silly and just more relaxed.  Which always translates into a beautiful and more natural portrait session! Thank you so much Lexi!  It was such a pleasure meeting you!  I wish you all the best!!!

Onto the photos! blog franklin-pennylvania-senior-photography_0514blog1 franklin-pennylvania-senior-photography_0516 franklin-pennylvania-senior-photography_0517 franklin-pennylvania-senior-photography_0518 franklin-pennylvania-senior-photography_0519