Living in the Moment - April

It is time for another installment of "Living in the Moment"!  A project I have been participating in with a group of wonderful photographers.  Each month we write a blog post focusing on all the little moments of our month, in hopes of remembering and appreciating all the little stuff.  At the end of my blog post is a link to another photographer in my group.  Please continue on and visit all their sites - you will NOT be disappointed! April.  Oh my. What. A. Month.

Late March and through the first half of April was pretty much a bust.  First my Caroline ends up with a good 2 week bout of the flu.  Then I got slammed with a HORRID case of strep throat (UGH - the pain!!).

Then, things really took a turn for the worst.

Yup.  The husband got sick.  It was a good 4 days of misery before that one was on the mend.

But later April was much nicer.  The weather improved considerably.  We got outside a LOT.  We saw FLOWERS!  And leaves!!  And the wonderful colors and fragrances of spring.

Spring is BY far, my favorite season.

This month's photos are mainly from the later half of the month.  I still took a photo every day (going strong with my Photo a Day project!!!!) but photos from a sick bed are, for me, quite uninspiring.

But onto the photos!!!!

Let's start with our crazy cat - always a willing subject when I have nothing more exciting to shoot.  But really, she is a gentle and sweet kitty, although she sometimes tries and act a bit tough.


And flowers!!!  There is a wonderful little spring in our woods that is just oh-so-beautiful in early spring.  I take [drag] my kids out there every single year for a shoot.


And we have had a budding gymnast this month.  She has suddenly taken a huge interest in gymnastics and is flipping around in the yard from sun up until sundown.


And fishing...I just love evenings at our local lake!

mars-pennylvania-newborn-child-family-photography_0583 mars-pennylvania-newborn-child-family-photography_0584

Oh - Mr. Song Sparrow!  He showed up one morning and proceeded to peck and fly at our window for a good week.  It actually was getting a bit annoying, although I was excited to actually get a great action shot of him.  Thank goodness, he has seemed to move on.


And beautiful pockets of light with some amazing natural framing - a photographer's dream!  Although the subject was a little less than excited about it..


And my crocuses...I love these little guys!  When our world is still so brown and unexciting - these beautiful flowers are always the first awake to celebrate spring.  Such a glorious sight!!!!


Well, that was our month in a nutshell. Now please continue on and visit Melissa!!!