May Minis!

I am so excited to announce that is time for some May Minis!!!!!!!! may minis


May may be the month for mothers....but this May, I want to celebrate any and ALL family members! - Moms, dads, grandma, grandpa- and everyone in between!

All May mini sessions will be held in Oil CIty's beautiful Hasson Park - a beautiful park with lots of greenery, bridges, creeks and spring flowers!! These mini sessions are scheduled only Mondays - Thursdays - during the day or in the late afternoon/early evening. I am scheduling a very limited number of sessions, and this is a busy month! So call soon!!!!

I know this topic has been [almost] beaten to death - but it is so important for EVERYONE to make an effort to get in some photos once in a while. Yes, we parents often wish we looked younger, thinner, etc etc, (I SO am at fault of this!) and we would much rather just get photos of our adorable kiddos, but we should ALWAYS remember that our kids love us completely unconditionally and want to remember us as we are right now.

Years from now, our children and grandchildren are going to treasure those photos of us. Yes, they will also love the photos of themselves as they were children, but don’t we all just love seeing photos of ourselves as kids (or even adults) WITH our parents and grandparents???

And, honestly, do we EVER look at photos of our own parents and grandparents and think, I wish mom would have lost some weight before she took that photo? Do we ever wish grandma looked a bit younger? Absolutely, definitely, NOT.

This is a VERY close and personal issue to me as I lost two close family members last year. And do you know what one of the saddest parts of that loss was? I probably have only a couple (if that!) photos of those family members in the last few YEARS.

THAT is a travesty.

So, in honor of Mother’s Day, Father's Day and every other "Day" - I am offer these May Minis. Just $125 and you can also choose 3 digital files to print as you please. You can also choose additional ala carte items at 20% off! I have some beautiful gift ideas like accordian mini-albums, spiral photo books, professionally framed prints and stunning session albums!!!!

Please don't wait until "someday"! Call or email to schedule your session now!  There are only a few days of availability left!