Summer and Dave - an E-Session! | Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania Engagement Photography

I had originally scheduled this engagement session during the depths of winter.  Not usually the most popular time of year for a photo session (although I personally think it can be SO beautiful!).  But Summer and Dave love winter because they love snowmobiling.  And they really wanted to incorporate that into their session.  And I think that is just awesome!  It is SO important that your engagement session be the time where you can be casual and fun and show your own unique personalities to their fullest! Unfortunately, our original session date actually had TOO much in "Lake Effect Snow Storm" amounts of snow.  So, instead of risking traveling in very adverse conditions, we rescheduled the session to a later date.

We didn't get as much snow as we probably wanted for the actual session date, but we had some, and it wasn't bone-chilling cold.  We even had a little filtered sun peeking through.  So it ended up being a very nice day!

Summer and Dave are a beautiful couple and I had a great time spending a Sunday afternoon with them.  And I am so excited to be shooting their wedding this summer!!!!!

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Until next time!!