Lauren and Ben! - Western Pennsylvania Engagement Photography

I am just THRILLED to share this engagement session!!!!  It truly was one of those days when all the stars were aligned and we couldn't have asked for a more perfect session. When I met with Lauren and Ben this past winter to discuss their upcoming wedding, we also talked about scheduling the engagement session sometime in the spring.  We thought it would be nice to wait until we had a bit more color in our world.

I just LOVE doing engagement sessions!  It is the perfect time for a couple to get some beautiful, casual and romantic photos.  The wedding day is often crazy and chaotic so this is the opportunity to just focus ONLY on each other remember exactly why you are doing this in the first place.

Lauren and Ben weren't quite sure where they wanted to do their session, but they did have one idea.  Lauren knew of a gorgeous private estate and thought that maybe...just MAYBE...we could get permission to do our session there.

Well, after many many calls, a few dead leads, and a backup plan to choose a public park almost the last minute, Lauren finally was able to contact the right person and we got permission to shoot anywhere and everywhere on the property!!

I was so thrilled to shoot in such a gorgeous (and NEW!) location.  Not only that, but the day we chose for our session also ended up being absolutely picture perfect!!  We had clear skies, warm - but not too warm - weather and spring flowers in abundance!  It was a photographer's paradise!

Thank you so much Lauren and Ben.  I had such a great time working with you both and can't wait to be part of what will SURE to be a gorgeous fall wedding!!!!

Onto the photos!

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