Living in the Moment - the May edition!

It is time for another installment of 'Living in the Moment'!!!  I wish I could say I lived in the "moment" this month - but it felt more like a month where I can barely keep my head above water.  And, as summer vacation approaches, I am really hoping to NOT let the craziness continue.  I think a "lazy summer" is definitely in order! We started the month with our Orthodox Easter celebration on May 5th, and then continued on with a quick trip to Happy Valley.

The weather was WONKY - with summer like weather perfect for lots of outdoor play.  To a completely cold and miserable (and snowy??) Mother's Day.  But we are ending the month with very summer-like weather and a few munchkins who are very eager for summer vacation.

Here are just a few snaps from the month - I actually didn't take as many family snaps as I usually did.  Which is often the case when I get busy with other families' sessions.  Hopefully that trend won't continue though!!

And don't forget to follow the link at the bottom of this post so you can visit all the amazing photographer's who are participating in this project! Oil-City-Pennsylvania-Child-Family-Photography_0053Oil-City-Pennsylvania-Child-Family-Photography_0047Oil-City-Pennsylvania-Child-Family-Photography_0049Oil-City-Pennsylvania-Child-Family-Photography_0050Oil-City-Pennsylvania-Child-Family-Photography_0048 Oil-City-Pennsylvania-Child-Family-Photography_0051 Oil-City-Pennsylvania-Child-Family-Photography_0052Oil-City-Pennsylvania-Child-Family-Photography_0054


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