Sweet Sadie! | Franklin, Pennsylvania Newborn Photography

This spring I had the wonderful opportunity to take newborn photos for a very dear friend!!  Leann and Joe welcomed their second sweet baby girl in early May.  It was a beautiful spring day, and Leann and Joe actually live on a real live sheep farm.  And, if you know anything about sheep, you know that early May is the time of year when all the new baby lambs are born.  So I guess it was pretty appropriate that both of their little girls were actually born at the exact same time of year!  And, seriously, how sweet is it to arrive for a newborn session and be greeted with rolling green hills filled with mama sheep and their little lambs!??? We did the majority of the session in their home and a few outdoors.  Unfortunately, due to a few uncontrollable circumstances, there were a few shots that we just could not get on that day.  So we arranged a second mini-newborn session a few weeks later.  And it was perfect.

Thank you Leann and Joe and sweet Evie!!!  Now onto the photos!!!

Oil-City-Frankin-Pennsylvania-Child-Newborn-Girl-Family-Photography_0001Oil-City-Frankin-Pennsylvania-Child-Newborn-Girl-Family-Photography_0013Oil-City-Frankin-Pennsylvania-Child-Newborn-Girl-Family-Photography_0003 Oil-City-Frankin-Pennsylvania-Child-Newborn-Girl-Family-Photography_0004 Oil-City-Frankin-Pennsylvania-Child-Newborn-Girl-Family-Photography_0005 Oil-City-Frankin-Pennsylvania-Child-Newborn-Girl-Family-Photography_0006 Oil-City-Frankin-Pennsylvania-Child-Newborn-Girl-Family-Photography_0007 Oil-City-Frankin-Pennsylvania-Child-Newborn-Girl-Family-Photography_0008 Oil-City-Frankin-Pennsylvania-Child-Newborn-Girl-Family-Photography_0009 Oil-City-Frankin-Pennsylvania-Child-Newborn-Girl-Family-Photography_0010 Oil-City-Frankin-Pennsylvania-Child-Newborn-Girl-Family-Photography_0011 Oil-City-Frankin-Pennsylvania-Child-Newborn-Girl-Family-Photography_0012