Meet Taylor, Class of 2014! | Franklin, Pennsylvania Senior Photography

Whoo HOO!!  I am so excited that it is the 2014 senior season!  I love senior portraits.  I love the opportunity to work with so many great teens who are at such an exciting time of their lives!   I love chatting with them and learning all about what they do and what they like and what they hope to do with their lives. I met Taylor at Clarion University's Venango Campus on a beautiful July evening.  Although the campus isn't large, it is beautiful and a very popular location.  It also definitely helped that we had amazing late evening light because, IMHO, great light (and a gorgeous subject) is really all you need!

Taylor is a such a sweet and beautiful girl!  And I had such a great time meeting and working with her.  Thank you so much Taylor!!  And good luck with all you do!!!!

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