Sweet Paxton!!!! | Greenville, Pennsylvania Child and Family Photography

This past spring (yeah, I may just be behind a FEW months in blogging!)....I had the pleasure of working with one of my favorite families again!!!! This is the third time I have worked with Paxton and his family and it is always so much fun.  Paxton is just an absolute DOLL.  I can't believe he is two already!  Two can be a bit of a challenge to photograph, but if you are willing to just play and have fun (and run around quite a bit) you can usually capture some adorable moments.  Two year old don't want to sit still and smile - I mean, even us adults don't really want to do that!   And I personally think photos of kids just having fun are WAY more priceless anyway!!

Thank you so much Amy, BJ and Paxton!

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