The Wedding Album

I just had to share some peeks from my most recent wedding album before I packaged it up for shipment this afternoon. I love when a couple chooses an album to remember their wedding day.  I feel like you spend SO much time and money and thought into creating the most perfect wedding day, it sometimes seems a shame to only have a few prints and  a TON of digital files (that will someday be damaged/outdated/corrupt etc).  And the only way to truly relive and remember those moments and that day are in real live photos that you can hold in your hand and share with your friends and family.

Custom designed leather wedding albums are an investment.  But they are something you will treasure for the rest of your life.  They may not be cheap, but they will be soon be absolutely priceless to you and your children.  And something that can survive to tell your story for generations.

Here are some peeks from the beautiful wedding album of Lauren and Ben.

Oil-City-Franklin-child-family-Photography_0010 Oil-City-Franklin-child-family-Photography_0011 Oil-City-Franklin-child-family-Photography_0012 Oil-City-Franklin-child-family-Photography_0013