Another wonderful fall family session! | Oil City, Pennsylvania Family Photography

This was the second time I had the opportunity to work with this beautiful family. Our first session was a couple of years ago and was at the same location - their beautiful cottage along the river. We were THIS close to canceling the session that day because the weather looked a bit foreboding early in the morning.  But after a few back and forths, we made a last minute call and just to go for it.  It may be a fine for a morning session along the river.

And holy cow we were right!  It honestly could not have been a more beautiful morning.  The sun filtered through the trees, the river was like glass, and we had another very successful and very beautiful photo session.  Thank goodness we went with our gut on this day - what a sadly missed opportunity it would have been!

Thank you so much Jane and Jason and all the kiddos for choosing me for your family portraits.  It truly is an honor and pleasure to work with you all!!

Now onto the photos!!!!


Oil-City-Franklin-senior-photographer_0028Oil-City-Franklin-Sewickley-child-family-photographer_0002 Oil-City-Franklin-Sewickley-child-family-photographer_0003 Oil-City-Franklin-Sewickley-child-family-photographer_0004 Oil-City-Franklin-Sewickley-child-family-photographer_0006Oil-City-Franklin-Sewickley-child-family-photographer_0005 Oil-City-Franklin-Sewickley-child-family-photographer_0007