Emily and John - An E-session ON the lake! | Oil City, Pennsylvania Engagement Photography

This past winter I had the opportunity to take engagement photos for Emily and John.  And, as we all know, this was a CRAZY cold and snowy winter.  Probably one of the coldest and snowiest that I can ever remember.  We were very lucky that, on the day of the session, the sun was shining.  We were not that lucky though, in regards to temperature.  It was BONE CHILLING COLD! But Emily and John were great sports.  We did the session at a local park and changed up locations (and jumped in the car for frequent warm-ups!) quite a few times.  And it was a beautiful session.

Emily and John were so much fun to work with!  And, thanks to the cold weather, we even were able to spend part of the session ON the frozen lake!  It was definitely a first for me.  I have taken photos by this lake many many MANY times.  But on the lake was a completely new experience!

Thank you both so much for choosing me for your engagement portraits!

Now onto the photos!

Oil-City-Franklin-engagement-photographer_0001 Oil-City-Franklin-engagement-photographer_0002 Oil-City-Franklin-engagement-photographer_0003 Oil-City-Franklin-engagement-photographer_0004 Oil-City-Franklin-engagement-photographer_0005Oil-City-Franklin-engagement-photographer_0009 Oil-City-Franklin-engagement-photographer_0006Oil-City-Franklin-engagement-photographer_0008Oil-City-Franklin-engagement-photographer_0007