Meet Ashley!

Today I would love to showcase a session from last fall - a session on one of those AMAZINGLY gorgeous and warm fall days! Ashley's session was a little different as they were "sort of" senior portraits, but not.  Ashley actually never had senior portraits taken.  At the time I met with her, she was living with her grandma getting ready to embark on some amazing new opportunities in her life.  And she really wanted to have some portraits done before starting this new phase in her life.

We actually did the session at Ashley's grandmother's home.  It is a gorgeous backdrop and it also had so much personal significance to Ashley as she spent a lot of time there growing up.  She had so many happy memories of that home.  These are always some of my absolute favorite types of sessions!

Thank you Ashley (and Jan!) for choosing me for your portrait session.  It was a privilege and honor to meet and work with you both.  I wish you ALL the best in the future endeavors!!

Now onto the photos!! Oil-City-Franklin-grove-city-new-wilmington-photographer_0011 Oil-City-Franklin-grove-city-new-wilmington-photographer_0017Oil-City-Franklin-grove-city-new-wilmington-photographer_0012Oil-City-Franklin-grove-city-new-wilmington-photographer_0016Oil-City-Franklin-grove-city-new-wilmington-photographer_0015Oil-City-Franklin-grove-city-new-wilmington-photographer_0018Oil-City-Franklin-grove-city-new-wilmington-photographer_0019Oil-City-Franklin-grove-city-new-wilmington-photographer_0020Oil-City-Franklin-grove-city-new-wilmington-photographer_0022Oil-City-Franklin-grove-city-new-wilmington-photographer_0021

And a sweet shot of Ashley and her grandma!