Just breaking some rules...

As I have mentioned just a FEW (ahem) times on my FB page - I recently participated in an amazing online photography course which focused on "Breaking the Rules" and "Finding Your Style". This class was given by Stacy Turner.   She is more than a great photographer, she is an amazing artist.  I enjoyed her class immensely and can't recommend her enough.  Part of the course was a portfolio review.  I have never had that done before and THAT was very interesting.  It is hard to put yourself out there and get honest, hard core feedback on your work, but it truly is the ONLY way to learn and grow.

I have participated in quite a few other online and in-person workshops and classes over the years.  But this one was different.  This was the first course that really challenged me creatively.  The first one that gave me the inkling that I may have the potential to be not just a photographer, but an artist.  Which is a completely different ball of wax.  And that is a crazy notion for someone like me.  And it has truly changed my perspective on my photography.

There are some basic rules in photography composition - don't let horizons cut subjects, look for beautiful, directional lighting, ensure your subject is sharp and in focus, choose clothing that complements the environment and doesn't distract from the subject, don't chop limbs, follow the rule of thirds.  But do you always HAVE to follow the rules?  And if you are going to break them, how exactly do you do that in a way that has purpose and actually improves the photograph?

This course also focused on truly finding out what makes us "tick" as photographers, in order to hone in and discover what our style truly is.   And that was truly enlightening.

Our last assignment was to start a personal project which would reflect our newly-defined style and would grow to be something that would make our heart sing! I believe that personal projects are the only way you are going to continue to grow as an ARTIST and ensure you work on becoming more than just a "picture taker".  And I am so excited to work on my project and (hopefully) many future projects as well!

Here are some the shots that I took for the class.  It was so fun not only breaking the rules, but being a bit more creative with my post processing.  Hopefully, by the end of the summer, I can also share my completed project as well!

ontop horizondressclothes2fbbwchopped chopped center oof3 lighting

And this is the first image for my personal project "This is 12".



Until next time!