Sadie is one!!| Franklin Pennsylvania Child and Family Photography

WARNING:  CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!! Ok - you have been warned!!  You may not be able to handle this much cuteness in one blog post.  I know I can't!

This spring I had the pleasure of doing a session for one of my favorite families.  A family who lives on a sheep farm.  And a mom who, for some reason, who seems to be able to time her babies' arrivals for the best time of year….LAMB SEASON!

Two years ago I did a one year old session with Evie.  And we got some adorable shots of Evie and and baby lamb.  I mean, it was beyond cute.   (You can see those photos HERE.)

Now Evie's little sister Sadie was ready to turn one. And this time, we got not just one little lamb in the photo, but we even got a few shots with TWO baby lambs!!   It was truly a case of all the stars aligning - a beautiful day, two adorable kiddos and two OH-SO-SWEET little lambs!!!  And, of course, we had to end the session with a little cake smash!

Thank you Leann and Joe - it was so much fun spending the afternoon with you all!!

Now onto the photos!!!

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